Today we meet the most important cat of them all. Our darling Pushkin. She once was an obese borderline diabetic but with much running around the house shaking a plastic cup full of biscuits she is now a (not so) slender cat with renal problems.

She hates other cats (Totoro in particular) and probably doesn't even realise she is one.
But she's huggable, lovable and you can make her do whatever you want, mainly dance to soulful Jazz music.

In other news this week. We went and saw Joanna Newsom last night. She was incredible! Though about 2 songs in I needed to pee. I tried the age ol' game that my brother and I used to play when we were little of chanting 'go away wee's, go away wee's' and it worked for a wee (hah!) bit but then came back with more vigor then ever. But amazing! The drummer played his drums like they were a delicate instrument not to be damaged, Joanna blew us away with her flailing harp playing limbs and vocals and then there was the other guy who played everything from Banjo to flute. Then on the way home Jacob found twenty bucks! All in all a good night.
I will have photos, that hopefully aren't too blurry, in a little while.

But right now its back to flat hunting.

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