Photo's from 2013. Magical times.
I can't wait for the days to be this delicious again. Though it doesn't get as cold here on Jeju, it is still mighty chilly! I'm definitely ready for some high teen's to come into play. Not too long to go!


New Land for Living

Well, we have moved! We now live on a wee island south of Korea called Jeju, which you might recall from such events as our summer vacation last year.
We have a car, and the tiniest apartment known to man, which we will be moving out of and hopefully closer to the beach you see above at the end of March.
If you look close in the first two photos you can see some divers, these are women, called Haen-yo in Korean. They are pretty old, you often see the hunched over shucking their days catch. Back in the day only men were charged tax, so the women were sent out to dive for food. They continue to do so, though the tradition is dying out, which is a shame. It's a cool thing to see, they normally dive in pairs or groups and when they surface they whistle to each other. Anyway, it's cool.

The beach below is about a half hour drive from our house, and as you can see it's covered in plastic right now. Pretty freaking odd. But it was really windy so I guess it was nice not to have the stinging sand in your face.
Can't wait for the weather to warm up so we can go swimming! Though it is definitely warmer here then on the main land!


Here are the glorious good times. There was a fantastic dance "floor" slash area of grass, which was well used.
The next day was so fantastically sunny, but also rushed and emotional saying goodbye to friends who we don't know when we will see again! Hopefully it's not too long.
Below is a view of the tree which holds the treehouse where Nina and Vince spent the night, and myself with Ash, a fantastic person I miss to death.


Okay, it's time to get down to the real business at hand. I've been holding off posting these photos cause I sent some copies out to Nina and Vince.
We went home to New Zealand to be part of our best friends' wedding. It was such a beautiful, emotional time and I'm so thankful we get to participate in celebrating something so special with people we love so much. I shed so many tears and got to hug and talk to so many people that we see and miss so much.
Anyway, there are a quite a few photo's of the day and the time afterwards. So let's get on with it.