So much time spent hiking in our Daegu days. 
We were so lucky, the hills/mountains were so close.
Not that one should complain when we now live on a small island with the sea nearby and a massive volcano to hike a stones throw away.


Things have been getting rather a shake up over here. Turns out being alone with children for 8 hours a day is enough to make you go near insane (for me anyway!) so we have decided to leave. 
Hopefully we will be leaving end of July, but we aren't sure exactly. 
The plan after we leave is also rather unclear, but I will be sure to let you know when I have a clue. Hopefully that won't be too long, it's all been making me feel rather anxious lately!
Maybe I'll land my dream job, who knows!


Found a film I had forgotten about! 
Here are the last few photo's from Nina and Vince's wedding. Such beautiful memories. I wish we could be back there. 
It almost makes me sick with longing.


Photo's from 2013. Magical times.
I can't wait for the days to be this delicious again. Though it doesn't get as cold here on Jeju, it is still mighty chilly! I'm definitely ready for some high teen's to come into play. Not too long to go!