Man, such boring photos! But I wanted to show you some (actually a fairly small portion!) of the sewing I've been doing since being back.  

I've been doing loads of sewing for the little ones. School holiday fun was stamping the cats and "thunder bolts" (her idea, didn't come out all that well but still cool!) and sewing up the blue dress. And when I gave my niece the cat dress she straight away said "I want to wear it!" Can't get much better than that!

After all that I finally got around to sewing something for myself! This top turned out awesome and I will take some finished photos soon!

As well as sewing I've been baking up a storm. No photo evidence but a lovely full belly, which is awesome and delicious.


Sydney said...

they are so cute!! i cant even fix a button!


allie J. said...

That cat dress! How adorable!