(Waikato) Weekend Peaks (WWP)

 We've been tramping/hiking on the weekends! (also omg we are back in New Zealand). We're trying to do a tramp a week. Jacob only has Sundays off, so thats the day. 
Our first week back we walked up Wairere falls. Such a cool spot! And doesn't take too long, though it is pretty steep. It's so nice and peaceful at the top, and with a cup of peppermint tea from the thermos in hand it made for a satisfying first "peak" (note; it is not a peak but I'm going to be lenient with the word)

I'm pretty excited about the impending summer (even after 5 weeks in the Philippines....more on that later when I have photos to show), I've got a bit of sewing to show case. So good to be back where I can sew and bake and do things I love. Even though I miss kimchi like made (but don't worry we have some in our fridge hohoh)

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