Just a few photos to farewell once and for all our old house. We are well and truely settled into the bay life now so goodbye to the damp of the valley.

This is actually from the mountian on the drive up to home one time, but the colours fitted nicely i thought.

Ans this is the darling (or not so darling) Elvis. He lived down the road and had quite the meow on him. Though not actually that friendly he was the swarvest cat around and I think Pushkin may have had a crush on him (though, hell, who wouldn't!)

We had people over for dinner last night. Our friend Jeremy whipped up am amazing paua risotto/broth thing it was DELICIOUS! Jacob made beans and amanda and I wrangled up some tortillas. It was lovely. I adore having people for dinner. I guess i should have taken photos..

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Juliette Shannon said...

I love haunting your blog in a friendly Casper the ghost way.