On a wholesome family whimsical fairytale note, we went apple picking on the weekend with some of Jacobs family. It was amazing. Spending the day prancing through the apple grove chomping on the fresh fruit. We got around 10kg to bring home and spent yesterday juicing and making delicious apple based treats. Here are some photos borrowed from Jacobs lovely cousin

I've just finished reading a wee book called radical simplicity by Dan Price. Its amazing. Basically he gave up the stressful materialistic life and started camping out in a field. What ensues is a lovely tale of his many huts and hobbit holes.

I've always liked the idea of living in an really earthy environment. Say a tree house or something. And can't wait to have a big area to make a garden and have some animals. Simplify, get rid of all the garble that i hang onto, excess clothes and all that stuff (not books though, i cant get rid of books or magazines)

And so I've done some googling. Here are some wicked cool houses that I want to build something just like.

This place is incredible. Look at that roof! that hole in the centre makes me think of tipis, you could lie under it and look at the stars. Magic!

This is my favorite by far. My little house visions always include an abundance of stain glass windows. And this place look so schnugg, strewn with blankets and pillows (perhaps the little cat from here will be inspired for her pillow feast lounge). Not to mention the lovely, flower, random bits of wallpaper.

These two tree house are mind blowing. The top one is the best i think, oh though I've changed my mind, the disconnected, hidden love of the second one has stolen my heart.

These hobbit holes are super cool and look amazingly cosy inside. The top on by the river is mega fave, though i think it is actually a sauna. Apparently when living in these earthy house you have to have a sauna (in which you heat the rocks yourself on the fire, which of course you have every night) and cleanse yourself that way instead of speedy shower where you don't get a chance to think for guilt creeping up you spine. They are apparently super warm.
Eep! Love Love Love this one, all the light and the wood and space. Amazing!

And last of all this whimsical, fairytale, love nest. This is it folks. This is my dream home. We'd have a boat in the river and spend lazy days fishing, or berry picking. Or fossicking for fruit from wild trees and brambles. I'd spend random days working at the library for the local school and come home with funny stories and a big pile of books. Then we would eat a simply meal of our fossicked and home grown foods before cozying up in front of the low light of the fire reading reading reading.

My heart stops just thinking about it.


Juliette Shannon said...

ooohh JESS!! this post made me go 'oohh' and high pitch sounds like a squirrel at your delightful selection of tree houses and the beauty of nature. Absolutely magical!! Maybe we are Hobbits? and your apple picking looked stunning. what baking delights do you have in mind.. apple muffins, apple strudel, apple pie..? pictures I hope ;)

JessicaBoots said...

aw i dont think i took any picture, but maybe Jacob did. We made 4 litres of juice loads of apple bread and muffins and some apple stroop. now i dontknow if you've ever had apple stroop but its supposed to be kind of like apple golden syrup. Ours is like hard apple honey, and it rips your toast apart when you try and spread it. Dagnamit!
Theres still more apples, and the bread was the winner...numnumnumnum