Ahhhh home sweet home!
Its been sunny and lovely (mostly)
it was Dads birthdy yesterday so i made him his favourate cake, but with a twist..
oh yes it says dad hahaha
have also been busy in the kitchen made some peanut butter...
I've also made some yum yum plum jam and some Rhubarb relish which I'm not to sure about. Yuo see savoury just doesnt seem to be my thang. They never turn out how I want. Shouldve stuck with the Rhubarb Vanilla jam i make which is devine but alas perhaps the relish will be a hit with..someone. I plan on giving it to some special birthday people this weekend. And some plum Jam to make up for if the relish is icky.
But also!! My mother wrangled up all my old barbie stuff and I'm not ashamed to say Ive been hitting it hard (mind you, with the help of my delightful cousin). Sheeet, i had some wicked trendy stuff for barbie, shift dresses, oversided stripy jumpers, ballet flats even a godamn checky shirt. Some of the stuff is wickedly dated for ecamply in this particular bedroom/office combo i had...
The computer is a box pretty much but I LOVE it, it comes with swivel chair and working suitcase AND the suit on the box. HELL!!
I also once apon a time had the barbie mini van (and two kitchens but whos counting) which was pretty hip back then. The kitchens were crazy though, the amount of steaks and milk bottles, there was even baby food which you can read the flavours. Shheeessh.
Also POlly pockets ame up and were brought out of the cupboard. Couldn't be bothered taking photos but I found this amazing website, so if your a fan HIT THAT SHIT!
One last thing which is lacking a photo (hopefully I'll load one up tomorrow) ma and pa got a new pup!! Hes a lil black lab and his name is Toby or I like to call him Tobes. TO CUTE!
BUt home tomorrow to a birthday boy and intense study. Sigh. So see you whenever thats done...


Street said...

holy SHIT I had that camper van too! oh it was awesome shoving the barbie through the sunroof cause I couldn't be jacked opening the doors lol and Polly Pockets! ha small cute and chokable fun : D
Cake looks fantastic makes my tum grumble for a midnight snack.
A new pup!? photo! now..

Ariel said...

i always wanted a barbie jeep. you know the one you yourself could drive? ugh, i never got one and i am eternally bitter. every time i bring it up with my girlfriends they all agree. you should take a photo of the puppy. black labs are the cutest. my friend has an overweight yellow lab who is just the biggest ball of cuteness you ever did see. his name is tommy but we call him thomas or thomacina. (or tommy burger! haha)