During my life I seem to have missed the part where I should have learnt about various worldly things. For example, the other day I had to ask Jacob about Darwin, then another friend about Marxism and Karl Marx (I spread them out so as not to look to stupid) and then during my religious lecture I realised I must have been one of the very few people who had never heard of Confucius. I also know very little about people like Lenin (though in being told about Marxism I learnt a snippet) and to a lesser extent Mao.

This lack of knowledge mean that I'm always making lists of things to Wiki when I'm at work but more importantly how did this happen?

How did I miss all this?

All through high school I watched t.v. (music t.v's informative right?) listened to the radio (The Rock and maybe a little Z.M. or something) and I read ALOT (mostly adult books from the comedy or mystery section of the TINY Morrinsville library, but still they should have reference to some of this stuff somewhere right?). Anyway I certainly didn't walk around with my eyes closed and my ears off, even though my mouth may have been my main tool at this time.

This lack of general knowledge has left me with a bit of a complex, mainly because the bulk of my friends are super smart and now because of this I find myself trying to 'catch up'.

Does anybody else feel this way? Or was I just an exceptionally self absorbed teenager? I must say I don't ever remember being at all interested in knowing any of that then, and sometimes I feel like the only reason I want to know this stuff now if to 'catch up' though it would be good if when someone's talking about any number of things I actually knew what they were talking about.

Sigh, will I ever be up to scratch now that I'm behind? Considering I still don't even read the news. Hahaha what a contradiction.

Sorry about that.


Juliette Shannon said...

I seem to have this problem as well.. Its like all the information I have about these topics that you have bought up are just scraps and snippets of 'oh yeah I've heard of that..kinda', as if my brain had tried to scribble a bit down for points of factual reference but never got back to them and now they're just left piled up on a messy table in my brain with empty coffee cups.

it sucks

ps I am also guilty of not reading the news and I know I should.

JessicaBoots said...

haha yeah the thing with the news is i dont really have a desire to read it either! Opps! thankfully jacob reads me out random things sometimes.

Learning is annoying because every answered question poses a gazillion more rather then making you feel satisfied. I'm taking a religion class this semester and every class I think i've got my finger on the answer but then someone throws that up in the air. I think,perhaps, we can never be satisfied and there is no answer. Boo hoo.

rose said...

darling you are certainly not alone! x