Obsession of the year. The Wickerman.
We've been playing the soundtrack, Sam's learning the songs of guitar so that we can have sing alongs, the boys are making date and honey (?) wine, I'm contemplating dancing around a may pole naked and we're going to have a Wicca themed party in October (our May Day party). ITS JUST SO GOOD!

Its no wonder the parts of ever gentleman stand up to attention when she's around!!

Songs to youtube because I'm to stupid and don't know how to put it here: Corn Rigs, Gently Johnny and Willows song.

"I put my hand on her belly, and she say's do you want to fill me"


lavelle said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE wickerman .... it's my favourite film ever. I love meeting people who like it too! Me and my friends go to a festival in wales every year that is named Greenman after the pub in the film, and they have a wicker man that they burn at the end of the last night, after the druids have danced around it xx

JessicaBoots said...

hahaha awesome!! We have a beer here named green man, but i've never tried it. I bought some goblets the other day and also during my holidays made some red velvet hooded capes, which i will eventually show photos of...but in reality our wicker party looks likes its going to just turn into a weird cult thing with only four member hahahaha oh well