So! What's it been? Four months or something! Well, time to get back on the band wagon. I'll kick things of with a sample of my summer sewing!

Dress: Design stolen from Lu Flux (who's amazing, I feel terrible for copying but hell I cant afford the real one and plus, it was a few seasons ago anyway!). This was my go to party season dress. A total hit!

Hate this photo so much. But these are wicked shorts for home and beach wear. Spent a lot of time in these on a hammock. Oh, and the top is my great grandmothers. My nana gave it to me a couple years ago and I could feel more special! We have a massive family with MANY girls.

Eek, another Lu Flux copy. I'm sorry but I really am obsessed with her designs and reusing of fabric. And SO easy to make!!

Very standard skirt, but I had been wanting to use this fabric for so long. I managed to borrow a mannequin for the summer from a friend and it's made fitting things a dream! First skirt I've made that fits properly!

But today..I'm going for this combo. Skirt I made and amazingly cute top from amazing amazing friend. Super comfy....

....And if Wellington wasn't so goddamn windy I'd be wearing this hat. But who am I kidding!!

I'll be getting some films done from summer as soon as I have enough cash!


Johanna said...

you're hot

I'm gonna try make a belt this week. Been hidiously busy for a fortnight and i've picked up an extra job so my down time seems to be nill BUT I am gonna find time to get me sewing fingers going in the evenings.

LOVE the top dress on you u - it is so darling.

and those shorts *swoon* so so cool.


kayla in wonderland said...

Yay the bear dress!!!!!!! In the pixel flesh, very cool. Go you and your sewing escapades,they looking good! ps. I <3 ur hair in those pics

Teenysparkles said...

These are aaaaallllll extremely cute. I'd absolutely wear any of those! Well done with your sewing too! I'm such a novice in comparison, but hell, i try. Thanks for the advice on iron...i'm finding the pharmaceutical stuff good for now, but definitely don't want to use it for longer than i have to! Oh drear.

Camille said...

They're all so pretty, you're quite a talented girl! Your blog's new background's very neat too!