I'm Awesome, Yeah?

Some pictures off Jacob's camera. Top one was just me playing around, perhaps in an attempt to show you some of my sweet fashion style, which was likely a failure because, heck, when do I ever succeed at that! 
However! You can see I actually spend the majority of my time prancing around in a cat suit. Not really but if it wasn't so itchy I totally would.
Last picture is from my party one the weekend. Shit! It rocked!! It ended with an epic throwing of the stereo off the balcony because I fell onto and it broke. I'm sure there will be more photos of the night to come.
Does anyone else have animal suits? Or am I just a weird, awesome, freak?

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Love_Again said...

Happy birthday for the other day, fellow aries girl. I left a reply to the question you posted on my blog, but kinda rambled on a bit.. But, yeah it's below your comment on my post :)