Jeffery Lewis

When we first moved into our (old) house we had a wee door mouse sharing the kitchen with us. He was a cutey and we named him Jeffery Lewis. 
Of course once tugs started hanging around he was always in a little danger and I spent a lot of my time shooing Tugs away from the stove where the little mouse lived. 
Sadly Jeffery was caught on night and though we tried to save him he died in Sam's hands, his little heart racing so hard! We though that was that and I wrapped him in a tissue to be buried the next day. I let Tugs back in thinking he could do no more harm but alas Jeffery had a wife and Tugs found her. Thinking it was just Jeffery again I got mad and threw Tugs out with "Jeffery" in his mouth thinking what was the use. I should have saved the poor this and Jeffery could have been buried with his wife. 
Anywho, thats him and his burial spot. Poor wee thing. Look how cute he was.

p.s. If you haven't listen to Jeffery Lewis' music I highly recommend it x

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