Last night I had a semi disaster (it felt full blown at the time).

I'm an idiot and didn't realise you had to have an interview to get my French Student Visa. Of course you do. So I leave on the 28th of July. I haven't applied for my Visa yet. I'm still waiting on an academic transcript (which I also didn't realise I needed). So it's not likely to happen in time.

All this means that I may have to delay my leaving. Which sucks but also means I can stay and make a little more money.

Anyway, after much sobbing and fretting I sent an email to my exchange organiser at uni and I'm waiting on a reply to see what they think of the situation. Then I will know what I have to do. Hopefully it wont involve more stress and tears!

I feel so incredibly stupid for not realising how official getting a Visa is. Stupid, Stupid, Stupid.

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Johanna said...

oh noooooooooooooo. That sucks kumera. There is always something that you get wrong when it comes to Visas, they are so complex and the information is not always readily available. Mishal almost went bald before going over seas, she was tearing her hair out left right and centre over visas. booo