Ljubljana is the most beautiful city. A pity on only had one day! But my lovely host showed me how to use the bike system so I biked into town and walked up to the castle and walked along the river. So lovely and Green!

Im in Lyon now, so hopefully in a couple of weeks I will have enough money to develop a film.


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Ariel said...

no we actually just stayed in a tent, hardcore nature style. i have no idea why it is called big sur, i should probably know being a native californian and such. it took us about 4-5 hours to get there from orange county.

haha, i fully support you supporting my procrastination!

i'm kinda jealous you got to spend farm time with that cow. on the drive up to big sur you pass a lot of grazing cows and my bf and i were talking about how we think cows are cute (i think its the association with the american frontier and such) i just wanted to hang out with them although they are less smelly from a distance i'm sure.