Borjomi. Where the infamous Borjomi mineral water comes from. We went to the park where you can fill your bottle with the stuff. It was warm and smelt very sulfurous and had an even stronger asphalt flavor than the cold sparkling version you buy in shops.  I can't stand the stuff, Jacob loves it. I did however drink some because the Georgian food had upset my stomach to no end. Sadly i have no pictures of the food. But it was delicious. Turkish type breads, you know the type, flat and doughy, homemade fresh cheese the texture of mozzeralla, eggplant made into the most amazing dishes such as roasted topped with walnut paste and pomegranate or fried with capsicum and onions in oil. So good. Also they had these dumpling which we stuffed with meat, but you could get the most amazing potato ones and mushroom ones too. 
But anyway. Borjomi. We walked around the park. Which is either a theme park in the summer, or like many places in Georgia just contains theme park rides that never get used.
As everywhere the building were amazing and the trees were shedding their leaves in a way I've never seen before. 

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