The house we were staying at was nestled in the hills. Hovering up there above Grenoble. 
Claire and I shared a bed. With french doors that opened out into the wilderness. We had thunderstorms the first night. I've never felt so fresh and cosy all at once. 
There were hiking tracks 15 minutes up the road, which led to picnics in flowered fields and an amazing array of mushroom specimens and cute farm houses.
And who would have guessed that the weather would be so perfect?


Tilly said...

Ohhhhh!! I have never more wanted to be transported into a set of photos ;( (a la Mary Poppins! Except im pretty sure they were on acid or some other mind altering drug! O_o keke)

These are breath taking! I am so envious of the weather too :( all it ever does is rain in england O_O

Ashlee said...

this place looks absolutely beautiful.
also, thank you for visiting my blog and the book recommendation...i'm gonna check it out! :)