prepare to see more of me on here. 
there I am.
Digital even.


Ashlee said...


in reference to your comment about "girls" on your blog, i know exactly you mean. i lived in san francisco for 4 years and supported myself independently the entire time. one of the reasons i moved back to my hometown is because i could no longer afford to live in the city. many of my friends that still live in san francisco live there because their parents pay their rent (a studio apartment runs about $1,200 USD, makes me cringe thinking about it). everyone is different i suppose and some people are definitely more spoiled than others. although my mama is sweet enough to still keep me on the family cell phone plan too!

Tilly said...

I am excited to see more 'you' on this internet garden you have cultivated! In film and digital form! You babe you.

Your life makes me so very envious O_O i would like to live in your blog (or at least be a fly on the wall!)xx