A couple of sneaky Georgia snaps.
The two dogs at Jacobs host families. They had no names but Jacob called them Black and White. But in Georgian. I forget what the words are, oh well. The Black one went through a bit of strife while Jacob was there. It broke it's leg and the bone was protruding out. Noone seemed to think this was important, let along worth even noticing, so it went unattended. In the end it healed itself and by the time I got there Black dog was bounding around with only a mild limp. And really that just made him look jollier.
Pretty sure the second one is in Borjomi. Which is wear the spring for the water that taste like rain on asphalt and the beginning of the hike we went on started from. You can see more of Borjomi here, and photos from the hike here and here.

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