More from the South.
I think the first two are on the drive to Milford Sound. Shall I rave about how amazing it is again? Nah, Ya'll just have to come down and see for ya selves.
View of Mount Cook from where we landed in the helicopter. 
Chillen in the grass near a waterfall. Jacob found some rosehip. I almost fell off the edge moment after this photo was taken.


Tilly said...

Uhhh your life is wonderous! I love the pictures on your blog so much (which is why I have morphed into such a creeper with these stalker comments as you've probably noticed >_<!) you are such a talented camera wielder!

Were these taken recently? I love how atmospheric they are <3 you seem to really love the places you visit- it really shows through in your photography!

Hope you're ok! xxx

Jessicat said...

These are from this year. That's as recent as shit gets with my photos haha when we got back from Europe in February we went down to the south island with my family for four or five days. It was amazing! I love going places!

I'm totally fine haha, I was probably flapping about getting excited and be overly animated and thus almost died. Nothing new. Just as average day in the like of a Jessicat! (good I love that I can transform my name).

I don't mind stalking :D I love leaving and receiving comments!