Sorry I haven't had any photos lately! I've been pouring my money into some health issues so film development is low priority. But hopefully in the next week or so I will take on in.
I have been sewing though! Up a storm even!
These two are for my lovely cousin Bekah's birthday. Super late. But they're done! They are both made of the most lovely fabric. Linen and a really light cotton for the top of the romper. 
I've more to show you coming :)
But now, we are heading up to the families for a wee holiday.


Johanna said...

I miss you guys. Lets hang soon. xoxoxoxoxo

Tilly said...

Ahh you talent you! That romper is amazing! I want it on my potato shaped body :( I'm so envious summer is on its way to youu. England hasnt really had a summer this year >_<

Achhh I hope your health problems (chlamydia? syphilis? ruhhh-rohh) have cleared up/you're feeling better. Does NZ not have a free NHS like over here? Or does it have a rubbish health system like the US? Hope youre ok! xoxoxo

Jessicat said...

Johanna! I will text you, we could go have a cocktail on friday night at that place when you finish work?

Tilly, we do have health coverage but this is for acupuncture and massage therapy. It's been going on for agggeeesss and when I hurt myself, like 7 years ago, we didn't claim for it so it's not covered :( idiots!! But oh well, hopefully i'm on the steady climb to recover for good! YEAH!!