Geoje again. 
The crew swimming to what turned out to be a pontoon covered in rotting starfish. If you look really hard you can see a flying heron in the second picture. And a korean man going to a wee dive. We can out with one sea urchin and one star fish. Which his children proceeded to poke and prod on the concrete beside the car.


Tilly said...

Haha rotting starfish island for the win. Was the Korean man doing a small dive or diving to do a wee?

I love these photos lots and lots. What camera did you snap them on?? Also (if you have time!) please share a post about what summer jams you are listening to, you seem like you would have pretty darn good taste in musics! lovelovelovexx

Jessicat said...

Hey! They are just taken in my wee Vivitar! Which I found out if worth far more than the $40 I bought it for haha yay

the korean guy was going to a small dive haha good one

I shall endeavor to do a music post in the near future! I always enjoy your ones :D

Tilly said...

ahhhh have been listening to sooo much fat freddies drop on your recommendation! theyre soo good and weirdly enough playing in manchester in october so I bought tickets yesterday :D and ohh mann im so jealous of your katchafire connections! i would kill to see them live. tell your cousin to head to england!

Ouii ouiii do a musics post and astound me with your taste! xxxxxx

Marzipan said...

Love your blog, your pictures are really cute!