I bought the book of watership down today. I can't wait to read it! I will of course finish the book that I am reading first. I think I'm going to enter a kids fiction faze. Black Beauty will be in there somewhere.

Speaking of kids things. Im going to watch The Never Ending Story tonight. I spent most of my time at work yesterday googling images and wikipedia-ing vario
us bits and pieces.

The Childlike Empress is this weeks Female of the week winner. So beautiful and fragile. And man, look at the headdress!!

She looks like shes in a clam. Which is very romantic.

And I can feel myself getting more romantic with age. So this counts for alot. I have a VERY 'romantic' vision in my head these days of myself in the sun (what with summer coming, in autumn it changes to beside a fire) curled up reading pre loved paper back fiction. I think Im going to have to re read books like Jane Austin and The Beautiful and The Damned to get this right.

But summer is coming. I'll have films coming out my ears which hopefully I will be bothered to scan and put up. I have a few I could put up soon.

But theres a story calling me now. Tootles Pip. X

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