Jarvis Cocker

We saw Jarvis Cocker this week. He was amazing. But the whole of the night put together couldn't have gotten more perfect.
On the way to the show (which in itself was a journey of the soul) we bumped into John Saffron of all people. He was on Wellington on a 6 day holiday and yes he was going to the Jarvis show..could he hang out with us? Of bloody course he could!! What a question. So we waited at the middle left of the theatre and sure enough he came. And he was so cool. Chatty and funny. Even though we were all having a major trip conversation managed to flow. And then Jarvis started. He himself was more 3 dimensional then anything I had ever seen. And the place was far from full so you could move around go up to the front and then move back without having to be rude and elbow people in the eye. His dance moves were of the richter and he simply oozed sexual energy.
My life feels so complete after experiencing that. Gosh!

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