Went out last night to the Black Lips show. While the performance was pretty average I had a wicked time and some amazing poems got made.

Heres a couple from the lovely Kayla:

Spinning, falling, listening, boiling
why go, if you can give a heart.
If rare clouds dive and dreams sizzle,
you cry wonderfully: midnight dark.
Clouds burn feelings
scintillating mood
uncomfortable, shall my skin be home
can it send moods close to heart.

Dreams go
Feelings fly
Dark rain jumps.
She cry's clouds.
Boiling sunrise that came to sweep;
do it midnight
receive the key

And one little one by myself

Make me out
Shecat Planet
Quintessential sweep
Rain, Fly, Sky
Send sunrise

Now I'd like to point out that we were using limited words. So considering, I think they are freaken amazing.

Good work Girls.

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