We've been away for almost three weeks now. While I have no photos of our adventures to display just yet I thought I'd send a little random goodness out.

I'm at home at the moment so have been doing the standard fossiking through old photos, diarys and general knik-knaks. And this here photo has to be my fav. Look at Christina in complete denim. And damb do i wish I owned the outfit I'm wearing!! Shesh i had style.

And while I'm here I've scanned in a couple of those Jarvis photos i was speaking of. While they're not exactly in focus and it doesnt show nearly anywhere how i felt on the night I dig them and now i can perve at Jarvy baby whenever i want.

Before i skidaddle though heres another cat for you all to enjoy. Little Ginge. When I was about 8 or so my brother and I were playing some sort of adventure game around the calf shed and we heard a few quiet mews. On further inspection we found 3 little kittens stuck inbetween some peices of corrogated iron. We somehow found a box and popped them in and left them on the dining room table proseding to the stadard 'mum and we keep them, can we, can we, can we??' I think she may have said no but the next day the mother and all three kittens turned up expecting nothing short of an amzing dinner. So we had to keep them on default. Theres only two cats left now. The mother cat died just over a year ago now, she was generally old and it was all very sad. One of the kittens, appropiatly named Fluff escaped from her cage when being taken to the vet and was never found so it's just Ginge here and her sister Shilo whos a bit of a scatter brain. But her she is a lovely cat who keeps me awake at night because shes so excited to get to sleep on my bed. Silly goose she is.

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esme and the lane way said...

Eeeee Jarvis! And kitty! Best post! x