We finally have internet and a lovely little house. (don't even talk to me about telstra clear!) It have almost sea views and you can hear the boats horns hoot hoot hooting. Its such a relaxed place to live as long as you avoid the snobby wenches that seem to be scattered around the neighborhood. I heart it. At thats a fact.

We are collecting herb at the moment. When we moved in there was a great pile of pots outside, so we've snafooed them up and are slowly making a lovely little potted garden.

I love moving because you get to redecorate!! and I have a desk at this house!

We get lovely sunny sun shining through our windows. The house is only small so both main rooms get the streaming sun. I didnt even know this existed in wellington!

Chuck Close keeps us company in the kitchen at the mo, along with ingredients for making whisky macs

our little babys getting some much needed sun time

Our poor bull fighter leapt out the window and lost an arm. I thinks he's adjusted to the house a bit more now.

And most importantly the new cat on the block! We've named him tugs (or old bean at times) and he has the softest fur ever. He also has a shoe fetish. But only for Jacobs vans. Sticking is head in and licking the souls. Its a bit weird. But we love him anyway.

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Juliette Shannon said...

magical new home jess! lovely lovely sunlight.x