So I woke up this morning and i had finished all my essays. well i went to bed and they were done, they didnt finish themselves I'm so excited for the holidays. 2 weeks of basically doing whatever i want! Yay!
My birthday was the other day. My friend Nina and I went and got new hair dos. Heres my sporting mine..
Book I'm planning on reading in the holidays. I love childrens books (even though this is more a grim adult book). Other books I have bought to read include, blakc beauty, the magic pudding which i actually got given by my old boss, Alice in Wonderland, Anne of green gables and the road to Oz. If only i had more time!!
Got some vinyl the other day for the first time in ages. Pitty we don't have a player at the moment or I'd be enjoying them more.
Birthday breakfast. Take note of the awesome elephant teapot. By lovely friend Ashleigh got it for me.
Cat that was hanging out around our house a little while back. I can't for the life of me remember it name. But Tugs wasn't having a bar of it hanging around even though it already had the saddest face ever. Poor little fluff ball.
Well I better go have some breakfast and hand in my essays. Yippee!!

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Juliette Shannon said...

nice fringe ! you look like Jesy Fortino from Tiny Vipers! : D