Ahh holidays, you are wonderful aren't you!
I've been going book crazy at the library, have really refound my love for photography . After a bit of a lull its been nice to have so many ideas swarming around my head. Here are a few photographs I'm enjoying at the moment. Sorry about the insanely monochromatic post!

I got a film developed just the other day, these are from a wee while back..

And with all this inspiration floating around i got the big ol' camera out and took some Polaroid's...

First: The Tester, which came outlookin pretty swell

Then a couple of portraits of Myself and Jacob

These are trying to recreate an image i have had in my head for quite some time, while they look nothing like the image in my mind I like them alot, the second one is by FAR my fav

self portraits will be coming in abundance with the developing of my next film. But this one looks like magic! The glowing light coming from in the kitchen. Its crazy cause its such a tiny picture (being polaroid) but it hold such a vast space..hmmmm

Otherwise I've succeeded in making a cork board..

and some bread to eat with the homemade peanut butter i made..yummo!!

There's also some talk to leaving the city of wellington...plans are in the works but I'm going to have to start taking my camera everywhere to capture this place I've called home for so so long.

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acrosby said...

oh apples! nice pix love.