Hurrah, I never have to do art history again! While I love art, putting it into an academic context apparently just ain't my thang.
BUT with my free couple days before I start studying for classics I've been baking and sewing.
This here top is the first thing I've made completely from scratch (clothing wise) since high school, I think its pretty darn neato too.

Yesterday we went for a mushroom hunt in the bush just on the edge of town. While I'm not going to go it TO much detail we had a wicked and successful time frolicking through the bush, singing and seeing great wonders such as an 800 year old Rimu tree. Go Rimu!
But I was inappropriately dressed and my boots got ravaged with mud so this morning I had a sore hip (from the crazy path in silly shoes? I dunno. Maybe I'm just getting old! Sheeet!)

But, tomorrow its back to the books. Though hell I have no classes and theres NO WAY I'll be doing 12 hours of study a day.....

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