eeepppp Its been awhile my bunnies sorry! But University has been consuming my life. But lucky for me a get some good breaks so heres what I've been doing this last wee second.

Got this wicked top from the op shop yesterday. I think its a boys pajama top but who cares hmm?

Jacob's birthday is coming, as an early birthday present I fixed these StarWars pants I made him a couple years ago. Before they were huge now there just god damn awesome!

March of the Animals on our Fridge.

Portrait Jacob did for my birthday. Its from a photo booth in berlin which originally had Jacob in it too

Placement of portrait on wall with cutey schnuggly bunny and kitty from ash (also a birthday gift)

Super incredible hand-carved-out-of-a-beef-roast-bone-ring made by jacob.

Pretty much only been reading for uni lately. This cultish looking book is about Neo-Platonism. Which I still only vaguely understand. But I'm not to worried anymore anyway.

A Jacob drawing.

New stereo system/amp and speakers from the dump that Jacob found for like a grand total of less then $20. Fucken Aye Man.

And just for a taste of what I've REALLY been doing. The 63 images I have to memorize for my Art History exam
And the state of my desk at the moment. BOoooouuurrrnnnnssss!!

But! I'm heading home tomorrow to do study, schnug and chat with my ma, eat dinner with my brother, chit chat with some old friends and make jam, jam, jam and peanut butter. Yay!!All this after I've been out tonight to a shindig at my old Hostel the St George which is a bit abandoned at the moment and someone had the brillo idea of having a party there! Cant wait, even though I'm still crazy tired from last night and have work tomorrow. pfffffff.
Happy weekending folks! x

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acrosby said...

starwars pants are cooler than i imagined!

forgot about your wee blog, beautiful pictures and ramblings love. hope you're having a relaxing time at home.