Spring is well and truely here folks, I actually had shorts on the other day! Sure I was inside out of the wind but still I was dressed in a summer out fit. And heck only like six more weeks of uni! EEEEEE
photos from weheartit.com :) I'm sure I'll take some of my own soon enough


lavelle said...

I love that first photo .... and am jealous that your spring is just starting as our summer dwindles away xx

Ariel said...

the rounded edges is an action i have from a package of actions that were purchased to help a wedding photography business that my best friend and i started. its not too difficult to do on your own, but i can't remember off the top of my head. there is something to do with making an invisible layer for your background and something with clipping masks. don't i sound professional?? i can look into the action and dissect it if you'd like though! :)