Mini farm time at Jacob's parents. The first shots remind me of calf club (if anyone knows what that is these days but it was a major component of my childhood), the goat was nibbling anything, my boots, my skirt...the cats tail. Wearing my new cardi knitted by my nan just for me! And Jacob working on some horns from a previous cow, which was not quite lucky enough to fall pregnant to the randy bull from across the way and be spared.


Caitlin said...

Those animals are adorable! Thanks for the comment! Well in the U.S. we do have loans but, the art school is private, so it's SUPER expensive so later I'll be paying back loans forever! And the other school is a state school which is not expensive but I have to take a ton of math to get in! SO it's a big dilemma!

New Zealand seems so nice and beautiful, I really want to go some day!!!

~Caitlin :)

Tim Donaldson said...

Really liking blog Jess. Say hi to Jacob for me, it's been far, far too long between brews!