Whilst I frolic at the beach (a midwinter dash) enjoy some pictures of things I want/enjoy. Lets start with what I'm going to look like when I'm more aged....

Need this? Its from Lu Flux (I'm obsessed with everything of theres. Seriously)

I want to take a pattern making class so I can make these. Or perhaps TLO will make some like it?

Pictures of girls smoking make me want to take it up. But mostly I want her hair and cardi.

I want to be this girl - half way there with the glasses I suppose. The whole set by Nicholas Lawn is awesomeness.

This girl looks choice and she matches the picture beside her. I forget where it's from.


Ash said...

loved this post jess! thanks for sharing that amazing Nicolas Lawn pic - I went straight to the website and I have just spent 30 minutes looking at it - at work! oopsy.

Jessicat said...

hahahaha YUS!! work surfing. Brilliant. Yeah, pretty much inspired me to get my glasses :) x

Jessicat said...
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