Thanks to generous parents and boyfriend I have money to do things like enjoy a Pain Aux Chocolate from a local bakery, where I also bought my baguette for lunch, a cup of tea from my new pot in my new cup. Bit of a disaster with the tea pot because as I was checking my mail the bag broke, which in tern broke the handle of the tea pot! This would not be a big deal, because I can just glue it back together, except that there is a small hole running through the handle, where the tea flowed out slowly but steadily until I had drunk past the handle line! Darn! I'll have to buy glue asap and hopefully that will fix it. 
Either way the second hand store, or Bric-a-Brac, is amazing in Lyon! I almost cried with joy at all the things I wanted to buy. But I was good getting only what I need. Including a lovely quilt, which the lady gave me for half price! It the perfect weight and so much more cosy then my sleeping bag! My little studio is starting to feel much more homely now. Thank goodness! I was getting tired of not wanting to hang out at home, and this morning there was a CRAZY thunder storm, which I didn't have to venture out in because my place is nice now :) :) I just need to get some things for the wall above my bed and a bedside something and it will be perfect.


megan marolf said...

Jessicat! I'm reading your blog-obviously- and I must say nice pictures! I'm impressed. Love the quilt & if you ever get lonely you can seriously come over to our apartment and read, be on the computer, chat/drink tea, whatever. We drink a lot of coffee so I don't know if you'd ever wana come over for that. Anyways I'm glad we met in Lyon. If you want to read my blog it's: See you tomorrow :)

Tim Donaldson said...

I'm really, really jealous of your tea set.

Jessicat said...

thanks timmy! I found another second hand store around the corner so im adding to it...though last time i went to this place a fight broke out in amongst the mens clothing haha these french! so passionate!

I checked out your website, you guys look like your doing pretty sweet aye! You've been doing super exciting stuff! Great Job oi!!

We for sure must have a brew or a tea when me and jacob get back!

And fanx megan, as you'll have noticed i have been taking advantage of this comment hehehehe xx