Tbilisi Georgia. You crazy town. With your amazing soviet buildings, some crumbling, some standing in all their heavy glory, your wide streets and your small cobbled street, your old parks and your weird new parks.
You offered me cheap beers, dalmatians that try to steal my camera, sulphur baths in which i was rubbed down, naked, by an old Georgian man; views of forests, churches, monuments, Mother Georgias tight ass and bear skins; not to mention that my boyfriend frequents your streets often.

Georgia was everything I could never have imagined. 

p.s. jacob took most of the photos as he's the digimon of the family.

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ashleigh said...

Jessy, these photos are fabulous! before jake went to Georgia, i had never even thought of the place, but now i REALLY want to go there :) I love the pic of the forest with that ferris wheel peaking out! You have to tell me about the sulphur baths/naked man!?? haha looks like you had a great weekend xxoo