My friends an I made/are making fashion mood boards. 
These are mine.
I think it's pretty well themed.
And it's going to be helpful in the closet cull which is looming ahead of me.
This is also my year of finally getting some shit I really wanted.
Like some nice fitted pants.
And some nice leather shoes, which are't boots or docs.
Changing shit up yo!


Camille said...

Such a great moodboard, I have bookmarked it for further reference; now I really want to make one as well. I'm in the process of getting rid of a good part of my closet too since I'm moving pretty soon, and this will be very helpful to me as well.

Good for you for finally getting the stuff you really wanted. It's always rewarding to finally acquire something that has been thought over and over.

Jessicat said...

It's pretty nice getting some things! And I do love culling back my wardrobe, I'm also addicted to the NZ version of ebay though and I'm going home soon, which means some mega op shop time. Hopefully I can show some restraint! Luckily i don't have all that much money!

Caitlin Shearer said...

ultimately good! That top right image in b/w/ (which i think might be sue lyon who played lolita) is one of my favs too! perfect.