Nice again.
We went to a more private beach Cap-d'Ail. It was amazing. The water was to DIE for. 
There was also a little private area where really rich kids obviously hang out and lie on white seats, with fine white clothes for towels, drinking white drinks and wearing white bathing suits. 
I guess it made them look more tanned?
We had none of these things and merely basked in the sun and bathed in the sea. 
Oh, to own one of those houses! 


hannah and landon said...

hello you little winner! send me an email when you can so that I may put you in touch with lovely Lauren of Blooming Leopold and get you set up to receive your prize!

hannahkristinametz (at) gmail (dot) com

Tilly said...

These photos of Nice are beautiful! The 3rd one down is especially dreamy!!

Nice is absolutely gorgeous isnt it?! xxx

ashleigh said...

oh wow! this place looks sooooo nice! I didn't know that you went to Latvia? (I just googled Nica btw, that's how I know that haha) xx

Jessicat said...

Ash: Derp! I made a spelling mistake! It's in Nice! Not Nica, I have corrected that :P So alas I have not been to Latvia! But Nina has! And it looked amazing. I imagine it's a lot lot colder then Nice. But I've been wrong before!!!!! xx
Tilly: if only to live in one of those houses! Ahh! Wouldn't it be amazing to stay there ALWAYS!!!?

Tim Donaldson said...