Sewing update! And I cut off my hair! I like how in the middle photo it makes me look like I have no nose what-so-ever. Cause I don't. So it's accurate. (hahaha)
Anyway. I had my biggest sewing achievement ever this weekend. A while back I made these pants but they were totally ill fitting and I thought I'd just chosen a shitty fabric and sucks and making pants and that there as no way to save them. 
HOWEVER after a month of them sitting on my sewing chair I tackled them yesterday. And they have turned out amazing! They fit like a dream (though they are still slightly loose around the waist but I think this might be okay cause then I can eat, like, heaps of cheese burgers without worrying about my pants splitting!) and are just super confortable. Thank you weird stretch fabric that kind of looks like gym pant fabric! 
I also made another bra, which I'm wearing in them picture. Made a couple alterations. It's still not perfect but it's definitely getting there!
And also, I removable leather bib! It also fits onto the black shorts I made and I want to be able to put it on a black skirt I have too, if I can be bovvered sewing more buttons then that should happen pretty soon.
oh shiet! I almost forgot the dress. It is also perfect (hah! cause I'm awesome and have NO faults). Exactly what I want so nice and loose and floaty and from the most amazing silk ever.
so excited :)
next I plan on making something much more colourful. 


Tilly said...

You are a master sewer. And you look like Anna Karina in your new digs and hair!

Sorry this is such a poo comment I'm on the coach back home (well uni home) and im massivly hung over. In fact i think im still drunk cos i tripped over my suitcase before then giggled about it to myself for about ten minutes hurhurhurhur.

All these clovess are perfect and i would like them all on my body please. All at the same time. xxxxxxxx much love from england! xxxx

Amanda said...

AH jess. I want that dress! besos!

lauren winter said...

WHOA THE REMOVABLE LEATHER BIB!! what a great idea, it looks so awesome!