These are from, like, a year ago. (wince) so bad. BUT aren't the lovely? Top one is from Waikanae beach near Wellington. We had such a lovely day, albeit having to hide from the wind in a huge rock. Where we picnicked of course.
The other two are from the Milford Sounds trip with my parents/whole family. It was so moody and amazing. These really capture how it felt. 

Things have been pretty busy here. I finished uni and graduated and we got accepted for teaching jobs in Korea. We are pretty excited to leave and join some good friends over there but goodness we leave so soon! We leaving Wellington in 3 weeks and New Zealand in roughy 5 weeks. Yikes! So soon. I have so much sewing I want to do before we go, but I'm (trying) to be realistic and realise I can't do all the sewing I want. So will just have to go shopping in Daegu (where we will be living), where the shopping is apparently of the Richter amazing.

Anyway, I have a few films to develop before I go. And apparently it's cheap to develop over there. So you can be sure things will be coming, even if gaps between updates are large.



Sophie Jane said...

Wow, that's huge! How exciting

Tilly said...

Ohhhhh mann!!! Well done! That is amazing! You are gonna have such a fantastic time, a mate of mine has just finished teaching over there and he's travelling now, he said it was brilliant :D

Your photos are amazing as usual! Im sooooo looking forward to your Korea photos- i am in awe of your life!!! xxxx

Colleen O'Neil said...

Ahhh Jessica! That's awesome, and I'll miss you. I know I can't even see you right now because we are overseas from each other, but I'll miss your blog posts. And that photo from the beach is lovely. Sigh. I miss it.

Good luck with everything!