Korea Starts Here.

Some things in Korea are just SO different to back home. Of course there are the actual cultural difference and what now. But then, there are weird things. Like their sports days.
Each class gets a budget so they can wear matching clothes. And there's no highjump or long distance running or any of that. Just fun games involving giant balls and the odd sprint race.
Completely bizarre to watch. 
Anyway, I love how this photo came up. Thats not all the students. There were also clowns and a baseball team, among others.

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Tilly said...

I love you and your blog so much and ohhhh man! This photo is nuts! So there was no egg and spoon race either? WHUTTTTTTT! Korea sounds crazy and funnnn, whats the food like???

I hope youre having a wunderful time :D did you do any sports on the sports dayyy/??!xxxxxxx