My best friend, Nina, is an amazing artist and she finally got around to putting some stuff up on the interwebs. Lets have a wee show case shall we?

From her "90's Muses" series. Totally amazing and include Bjork, P J Harvey and Winona Ryder among others.

This is a drawing of her fiance's (so soon to be husband, also my best friend and I look forward to being IN the wedding eeee) sister with her new little babe. I love this picture.

This is from the same series of pictures entitled Visions

 A drawing from while living in Korea. From a series entitled Houseworks

And lastly, from an amazing Zine she made. I distributed it to all my (and our) friends in Wellington and I know for a fact that many have the photos framed on their walls! 
The Zine is called Hair do's.

Enjoy! And I'm sure if you wanted a copy of the zine or anything else we could sort something out! Just holla!


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