These photos display the general murky feeling of the whole film well. But, there's a certain appeal to it here. I particularly like the smudge over Jacob's crotch. Perfect!
This is in Pohang, are two giant hands, and when we went there was some sort of octopus festival on. We didn't eat any, the whole thing distresses me a little, but we did have a coconut. Which actually wasn't that good.

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Johanna said...

Hi Jessicat, my father is from New Zealand but i was born and raised in Germany. I have been to New Zealand only a couple of times, but i am deeply in love with the country and with its people. In 2011 i stayed for seven months.
I think it's awesome to meet a New Zealand blogger! Do you still live there? Oh and i would love to follow your blog, but i don't know how. Are you on bloglovin or something like that? xx