Korea is full of pretty good hiking spots. They get pretty crowded, by people wearing full on hiking get up. But it's nice to escape the city life, especially one where you feel a little polluted at all times.
This was the beginning of spring. The first nice warm day. 
There were some majestic views on this hike. We were supposed to be going for some quite time in the bush over a 5 day holiday coming up. But all the cabins were booked out in a matter of minutes. Which kind of means we wouldn't have wanted to be there anyway, these cabins hold almost 200 people...not my idea of a bush get away!!
None the less, koreas forests are beautiul.


Johanna said...

i stumbled across your blog today and i'm stunned! i love the black and white film and i totally agree that the photo of the cork being popped was taken at the exact right moment. hope you had a great holiday and a wonderful birthday xx

honigdesign said...

Your photos are stunning, really really beautiful!