Pyoseon Beach, Jeju Island.
During the summer we biked around Jeju Island. It was awesome, and the island being rather small (200km) our daily biking was never too much. Though, regardless of that, some days were almost unbearably hot, and on the odd occasion smothered in the most overwhelming of stenches.
This was one of my favourite spots, nestled into some trees at a beach where the tide went out farther than I have ever seen. We stayed under that tree an awful long time before realising we would just have to make the trek to the waters edge. (of course it was worth it)
The evening bought some live music. Specifically the most untainted Reggae musicians I had ever seen. 
They were a little to highly strung, if you know what I mean.

(the next day we saw a wild dog with her pup! She dug it a wee hole to sleep in before going for a fossick around)

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Ashleigh Lambert said...

All these pictures of jeju look wicked jess! Haha those reggae guys